SANDY, Utah (ABC4) – An at-home daycare is shut down after police served a warrant on suspicion of child pornography. The Sandy Police Department told ABC4 when they searched the home, they found meth and contacted the health department. Police tell ABC4 the health department closed the house, which also operated as a daycare. 

This at-home daycare is the same place, Kadence Pinder and Marcus Strebel lived back in February when police arrested the two on child pornography charges. According to court records, investigators said the couple possessed 125 pornographic images and videos involving boys being sexually abused. 

Strebel pleaded guilty to two counts of second-degree sexual exploitation of minors. Kadence pleaded not guilty. Both had pretrial agreements which stated they could not go to any public or private property where minors are known to frequent.

Shortly after the charges were filed, the Utah Department of Health’s Childcare Licensing Department said they ruled the couple could no longer reside at the house. According to police, the two were still living at the home when they executed the warrant on Monday. 

Child care licensing documents list Kelly Strebel as the owner of the daycare facility. ABC4 tried to call Strebel, but the number was no longer in service. 

The Utah Department of Health released the following statement regarding February’s investigation involving Strebel’s facility: 

“The UDOH conducted a full investigation into a complaint received against the provider earlier this year. No evidence was discovered during the investigation to substantiate the claims made in the complaint. The provider was caring for fewer than five children and as a result was not required to be licensed.  However, the provider maintained a full child care license voluntarily. This allows the UDOH to have access to the facility and to provide regulatory authority.”

The Sandy Police Department would not release specific information on today’s arrest warrant. The department told ABC4 they removed evidence from the home, but have not made any arrests at this time.