Salt Lake DA charges 10 in connection with Inland Port protests


SALT LAKE COUNTY (ABC4 News) – The Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office filed charges against 10 people in connection with a violent protest of Utah’s Inland Port Authority.

The 10 individuals are charged for “conduct during the July 9, 2019 disturbance at the Utah State Chamber of Commerce building,” said the DA’s Office in a statement Monday.

The individuals charged were identified as:

  • Ethan Merrill Petersen, 25
  • Randy Navarette, 20
  • Kaden Cicily Fralick, 21
  • Rosemarie Zoe O’Brien, 25
  • Hannah Kelman Zivolich, 24
  • Amy Katheleen Kovac, 28
  • Richard Anderson Jr., 31
  • Nicholas Evert Jones, 30
  • Jackson Richman, 19
  • Joshua Macrae Baker-Cooper, 34

The individuals face charges ranging from assault, riot, criminal trespass, interference with an arresting officer, and other various charges.

The DA’s Office said it reviewed body camera footage, cell phone footage, surveillance footage, and media footage while screening the case.

Prosecutors say they also took into account the “sometimes difficult but crucial distinction between lawful protest, which is protected by the First Amendment, and the criminal conduct of specific individuals, which is not.”


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