Salt Lake County unveils new jail data tool


 SALT LAKE COUNTY (ABC4 News) – The Salt Lake County Sherriff’s Office announced a new tool in corrections: a data dashboard, so anyone interested can see daily stats at our county jail.

As of 4 a.m. Wednesday, there were 2,200 inmates in the Salt Lake County Jail. It’s not overflowing, but Sherriff Rivera says it’s much higher than it should be.

“This is going to be a tool that helps us find other alternatives to incarceration,” said Sheriff Rivera.

It’s called the jail dashboard and you can find it on the sheriff’s website.

For any given day you can see the number of people in the jail including their age, gender, race, residency status, and who arrested them, but not their names or personal identifying information.

“I can’t even begin to share, as a former policymaker, how helpful this is so that Sheriff Rivera goes before the county council to defend her budget or before me who presents a budget to the council, to be able to have this information is so incredibly helpful,” said Salt Lake County Mayor Jenny Wilson.

The overall goal here is to lower the number of people filtering in and out of jail and instead create community resources that will drop recidivism rates.

“Allow the public to see what we see. The more eyes on this type of problem, maybe we’ll come up with a better solution,” said Sheriff Rivera.

This new data access is open to the public, but it’s also a work in progress. If you have feedback for this, click here.


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