SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) — School is back in session for the Salt Lake City School District and they are celebrating the beginning of the year with a special guest.

“Oh, it’s wonderful to see students back in classrooms,” said SLCSD Superintendent Dr. Elizabeth Grant. “Starting school is just the best day because parents are excited, students are excited, and this is what we do.”

Announced as the new superintendent in May, Dr. Grant is heading into her first school year by visiting schools across the city.

Stopping by to say hello to bus drivers and school faculty but also making time to visit students and classrooms.

You know, it’s just focusing on what we do in the classrooms. That’s the core of our work, is teaching and learning.”

School officials who showed off their school to Dr. Grant say having the superintendent visit sends a vital message to students.

“It is so important because it sends the message that school is important, that our school is important and we are part of a community and of a team, the Salt Lake School District team,” said Dr. Kalina Potts, Principal at Mary W. Jackson Elementary School. “It just creates this excitement for our students.”

Having served in the district before, Dr. Grant says she has a sense of pride representing Salt Lake and says she believes the possibilities for children in the Salt Lake City School District are endless.

I think we’re going to be among the leaders in the state, in student growth, in what we offer students in their learning,” said Dr. Grant. “Our kids just can meet any standard we set for them, and we’re going to keep raising that standard.”

Despite controversy surrounding the seven schools under observation for closure, both school officials and Dr. Grant say that right now they want to focus providing an education for the kids in the schools now, rather than focusing on what could be a year from now and giving these kids a year of school to look forward to.