SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News)— Salt Lake City and county crews with the help of community members worked to clean up Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office after violent protests on Thursday.

Broken windows boarded up and red paint splattered every where. Friday, District Attorney Sim Gill came out to survey the damage and react to what happened. 

“The building will be repaired and our work will continue,” District Attorney Sim Gill said. 
Protesters defaced Gill’s building after his ruling justifying Bernardo Palacios Carbajal’s killing by Salt Lake City Police. 

Protesters say the red paint signifies Bernardo’s blood on Gill’s hands. Crews are hard at work scrubbing that paint away. 

“It’s every citizen in Salt Lake County- every resident in the state of Utah and every resident of Salt Lake City, that’s who is responsible to pay for and clean this up,” Gill said. 

Bret Hammond lives down the street. He snapped pictures of the aftermath. 

“The D.A is not going to turn to our side because we painted their building- they are going to look at it like people got out of hand again,” Hammond said. 

Gill says he supports peaceful protests but violence is never the answer. 

“That was an action of a few I will not let the actions of a few take away from other peaceful protesters who have a positive message to share with our community,” Gill said. 

Police are calling the demonstrations unlawful. One Salt Lake Officer was injured and is recovering in the hospital. Two arrested were made. 

Gill says next legislative session he wants to be apart of some legislation that helps spark changes in policing. Officials expect more demonstrations over the weekend. 

Jerad Giottonini
Jerad joined ABC 4 News as a general assignment reporter for Good Morning Utah In August, 2019. Although new to Salt Lake City, Jerad is no stranger to mountain valleys, he started his career in Missoula, Montana. Most recently, Jerad was a general assignment reporter for WHO-TV in Des Moines, Iowa.