SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – Last week, during a peaceful demonstration, a lone marine stood for 3 hours in full uniform with protesters in support of Black Lives Matters.

Todd Winn, a Marine with two decorated purple hearts stood at Utah’s State Capitol with black tape over his mouth reading “I Can’t Breathe” and holding a sign that said “justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tamir Rice, and countless others…”

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On June 12, Winn posted an open letter to Reddit in hopes to explain his veiws on what is happening around the country.

“Growing up in a small rural town in south-central Kansas, I witnessed firsthand the destructive nature of racism. Extremist demonstrations were not uncommon, and many who would claim not to be racist tinged their speech with racially charged stereotypes and disparagements,” said Winn. “Enlisting in the Marines allowed me to learn from men whose skin was a different color than mine that, ultimately, we are more similar than dissimilar.”

Winn says it does not do justice to the bond formed by Marines in combat to say that he came to love and respect these men as brothers, but he has no other description to offer.

“These men taught me the true meaning of the Marine Corps principles of honor, courage, and commitment, as well as the ideal that one must lead by example,” Winn continues. “I am not a perfect ally. Looking back at my life, I recognize with remorse the influence of misguided ideals. No one is born with these ideas. We learn from them and we can unlearn them.”

You can read his full letter below:

Protest around the country have been going on since the killing of George Floyd and others who have died at the hands of violent acts by law enforcement.