SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – A Utah Uber driver alerted police of a man in his vehicle carrying nearly 11 pounds of meth. ABC4 News spoke with some ride-sharing drivers about what they can do to protect themselves.

When it comes to dealing with unusual interactions with passengers, Uber suggests drivers notify the company of the situation, and if at any time a driver feels uncomfortable or unsafe, they can end the ride.

If there is an emergency situation, drivers should call 911 before reporting to the ride-sharing company.

While Uber is giving drivers safety tips, some say they’ve never had to use them before.

“Nothing like that. Never. Never picked up somebody with meth. No, never dangerous. It’s been all good for me,” said Uber driver Doug Fant.

“No, I have passengers ask me if it happens, but it really doesn’t. Everybody is very nice,” said another Uber driver Cory Batty.

While Fant and Batty say they’ve only had good experiences with passengers, Uber driver Sidnei said it doesn’t happen often, but he has picked up questionable people before.

“Yes, sketchy,” Sidnei said.

Sidnei said he’s been a ride-sharing driver in Utah for three years now.

“Airport good. Downtown, yes, maybe,” Sidnei said.

Sidnei said while he’s had some sketchy experiences in the past, he’s never had to report to Uber.

On the Uber app, all drivers and passengers have access to a 911 feature in case of an emergency.

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