Rock fall injures visitors at Zion National Park


 ZION NATIONAL PARK (News4Utah) – A man is in the hospital and popular-trail closed after a rock fall in Zion National Park.

Marcia Goldberg is from the Florida Keys and was visiting Zion with her family for the first time on Monday.

Their guides told them about the rock on the Riverside Walk Trail, also known as the Gateway to the Narrows.

“And the first question was: Was anybody hurt?” said Goldberg. 

“[Someone] was seriously hurt, and has a very serious leg injury.

 … Our law enforcement EMT’s were there, and took him away from that area, and into a waiting ambulance and into St. George,” said John Marciano, Zion National Park’s Public Information Officer. 

The paved trail is one of Zion’s most frequently visited.

 As the rock fell, it broke into smaller pieces. 

“Some of which were the size of softballs, another basketball-sized. … Should this rock not have broken up, or did break up into bigger pieces and fallen on the trail, it could have been a catastrophe. It’s a geologically active park, and we all need to be vigilant and know what’s going on around us, while we visit this beautiful natural phenomenon,” said Marciano.

“There’s always some risk anytime you’re dealing with Mother Nature. There’s things out of your control,” said Goldberg.

Geologists visited the site of the rock fall this morning.

Officials say the trail should be open by Tuesday afternoon.

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