“Ring United”: Layton Woman Gets Class Ring Back After 43 Years


OGDEN (ABC4 Utah News) – A Layton woman and her treasured keepsake have been “ring united” after 43 years apart.

It all started in 1973. Richard Nixon was President, the United State was getting out of the Viet Nam war, gas was 40 cents per gallon and Clearfield High School senior Bonni Melaney got a class ring as a gift from her parents..but her boyfriend at the time asked for it.

“So I let him have it,” the now 60 year old woman named Bonni Jensen said. “Then after a couple of months we broke up. He lived in Ogden. I lived in Layton. Couldn’t connect and he said he lost my ring.”

It apparently laid just beneath the surface of Liberty Park in Ogden for 43 years until John Monroe came by with his metal detector and found several pull tabs….and one other item.

“So the last signal comes up and I look at it and it didn’t register right off the bat but it’s a ring,” Monroe said. “Then as I stared to clean it off, ‘Oh it’s a class ring’.”

Through the Clearfield High Class of 1973 engraved on the ring and and her initials BLM inside, he was able to look up Bonni in the school’s yearbook and find her on Facebook. After a phone call, he met up with Bonni the next day and the story, like the ring, came full circle.

“It’s just kind of exciting to get it back,” she said.

Some would say this was a completely random occurrence. Just a guy with a metal detector finding a lady’s ring in a field. Others would say everything happens for a reason and this was meant to be.

“It’s lost before I’m born. I’m born. I go through my entire life and then I pick the ring up and then I give it back to her,” Monroe said. “Was that intended? I don’t know. Some people believe in that kind of stuff.”

Bonni told ABC4 Utah News that her mother recently passed away and she was the one who led John to the ring.

“I was excited to have something back that I just cherished clear back then,” Bonni said. “It’s really not anything but you know somebody that could be that good-hearted and honest. You know he could have scrapped it for maybe not a lot of money. You know most people probably never would have returned it. I’m really grateful to him for that.”

Bonni says she plans to have the ring cleaned and will eventually pass it on to one of her three daughters.

For more on this story go to: http://www.standard.net/News/2016/04/15/West-Haven-metal-detectorist-finds-Clearfield-High-ring-in-Ogden-park.html

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