SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (News4Utah) Ria Rossi-Booth and Chad Booth, from At Your Leisure, joined Nicea DeGering for Midday, to talk about all of the exciting new episodes coming up this month.

Ria talked about a Knolls winter adventure. She says it’s in between Wendover and Salt Lake City. There you can ride through a frosted desert on your motorcycle. It’s filled with big sand dunes, rocky trails. Ria says the layer of frost there right now makes it even better than in the summer. And the best part, no one is there!

Another special episode coming up on At Your Leisure features all kinds of bloopers. It is filmed in Beaver Creek at a lodge in Logan Canyon. They both say it was a great time, and that Ria broke the record for the most amount of bloopers in one episode.

On The County Seat, Chad says there are some changes they will be covering regarding food safety laws and regulations. The Department of Agriculture is upping their game to make sure our food supply is safe.

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