Report: Nearly 600 Salt Lake County worksites experienced Covid-19 outbreaks


The Salt Lake County Health Department has provided a clearer picture of how many worksites have experienced Covid-19 outbreaks.

A spreadsheet shared with ABC4 showed nearly 600 businesses across the county that have experienced an outbreak. Businesses include bars, spas, churches and temples as well as restaurants and food establishments.

The department classifies an outbreak as two or more cases at one site within a two-week period.

Some of the companies with worksites listed with the biggest outbreaks include the Salt Lake City International Airport. It had 113 workers who were sick as a result of Covid-19. That’s not including the 53 airport construction employees who were also sick with Covid.

Amazon had 106 sick employees while Visible Supply Chain in West Jordan had 74 workers sick with Covid.

This information spans from March until September 25th.

The department says the numbers may reflect one site that had multiple outbreaks during this time.

For instance, if one worksite had an outbreak in March and then again in August, the numbers would reflect that.

This list is by worksites, not by employee or company. So, some companies with multiple sites appear more than once.

An example, UPS customer care center, freight and regional hub all had outbreaks. Each are listed individually. The cases total 42.

Not included in this data is schools, child care centers, group living sites or long-term care facilities.

ABC4 did request an interview with the Salt Lake County Health Department for this report, but were denied one.

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