SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – The Church of Latter-Day Saints has provided some updates on its Temple Square Renovation project.

The renovation is now in its third year and for the first two years, two tower cranes were erected on the north and south sides of the temple. Both cranes have been used for several purposes such as removing stones from the walls and towers.

The stones will be cleaned and repaired, and then replaced in their original locations. 

The cranes have also been used to lift materials for workers into and around the temple. A third crane was used to lift the new roof trusses.

Current work on the Church Office Building plaza involves waterproofing the repaired concrete surface and installing large Styrofoam blocks under the landscaped areas, a church spokesperson says.

“The blocks help reduce the load on the existing concrete deck. When completed near the end of 2022, the plaza will also host flags from various nations around the world and new landscaping,” a press release states.

Here are some photos of the current renovation:

Photos are courtesy of the Church of Latter-Day Saints