New Book of Mormon video series to be released Sept. 20th


PROVO (ABC4 News) – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has announced a new video series, this time chronicling the stories inside the Book of Mormon.

The new video series will mirror the Bible Videos produced by the Church and will be available for free in a variety of formats on the Church’s website beginning on September 20th. 

The Book of Mormon is about 600 pages long, so to cover the highlights, the production has been broken up into four seasons and is being filmed at the Church’s Motion Picture Studio in Provo. Each of the four seasons is a 3,000 person production.

Project producer Aaron Merrell said, “As any LDS filmmaker does, we grow up reading the Book of Mormon and think how fantastic it would be to actually get to make the movie.”

The Book of Mormon is a sacred text that members of the faith use alongside the Bible; it instructs readers to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. It follows the story of a family who leave Jerusalem and travel to the American continent, and chronicles thousands of years of their history.

Reyna Aburto is the Second Counselor in the General Relief Society Presidency and has been heavily involved in the project, including script approval. She explained that there is some creative license in the dialogue, simply because there isn’t much dialogue in the Book of Mormon. She said, “For me being from Latin America, this is so close to my heart because I know that this follows the story of some of my ancestors.”

She said that there was a strong emphasis on casting actors from all over South and Central America.

Liliana Corona plays Queen Lamoni, a woman of great faith in the text, and one of very few named women in the Book of Mormon. She said, “It’s beautiful to finally be seen; I never saw that growing up and so I think it’s been very empowering for the people and for females of color.”

Project creators say these videos aren’t just for members of the faith, but for anyone interested in learning more.

The videos will be released in installments over the coming year and will be free in a variety of formats beginning September 20th. 

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