Crews prepare Salt Lake Temple grounds for excavation


SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – Renovation crews demolished the south visitors center at Temple Square Friday.

This video shows construction crews knocking out the windows at the Visitor’s Center.

Temple Square shut down at the end of December for a long four-year renovation to help make the space earthquake safe.

Specialists are on-site to help preserve the trees and ensure they’re not damaged by the renovation.

The work on Temple Square will be extensive and the final stabilization system is expected to withstand an earthquake up to a 7.2. magnitude.

“The seismic upgrade of the temple is significant. It’ll take a lot of work. Significant effort to excavate around the base of the temple and build footings and transfer beams to support the load of the temple. And then to put it on a base isolation system that separates it from the earth. So that in an earthquake the earth moves and the temple moves less,” said Andy Kirby, Director of Historic Temple Renovations.

Along with the renovation crews packed up many historical artifacts and furniture from inside of the temple.

They have been moved off-site during the renovation process. Though many parts of Temple Square are under construction there are new guest experiences available at the conference center and other surrounding buildings.


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