Relief Available For Northern Utah Flood Victims


BRIGHAM CITY (ABC4 Utah News) – This week’s flooding has left some Box Elder County residents without basic needs like shelter, clothing and food but help is available.

On Wednesday, seven agencies including the American Red Cross, The Salvation Army and The United Way turned Aldersgate United Methodist Church into a Multi Agency Resource Center, a kind of one stop shopping destination for people affected by the floods.

They filed in with different names and faces but all with a similar story of basements filling with water over the past six days. Many have no flood insurance and need immediate help.

Scott Vest, the Public Information Officer for the  American Red Cross of Northern Utah, explained.

“Instead of them having to go around to different agencies and travel from here to there, we try to bring all the agencies to one spot,” Vest told ABC4 Utah News.

“Are you able to stay in the house right now so are you upstairs?” a worker asked Denise Hancock.

“I’m staying in the other front room above it,” she replied.

Hancock watched the basement of her Garland home flood repeatedly, creating a vicious cycle of damage, cleanup and more water.

“It’s just crazy because you think that you have it all cleaned up,” Hancock said. “You have it all vacuumed and then the next day it’s Groundhog’s Day and you do it all over again.”

Jay Indish, another resident of Garland, says the flood has displaced his three teenaged children that had bedrooms in the basement and ruined their clothes. He said he’s been bailing out his basement every three or four hours around the clock.

“It’s emotionally overwhelming, physically taxing. Just the emotions,” Indish said. “You feel a sense of accomplishment when you get the basement done and then two hours later it’s like ‘What did I do?'”

For additional information on available service call 2-1-1 or the American Red Cross of Northern Utah at 801-627-0000.

For assistance or to donate to the United Way, visit their website

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