SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) – A new recycling ordinance is in effect in Salt Lake City ,but many businesses and apartment complexes may not know about it.

The ordinance, which went into effect January of 2016, requires all Salt Lake City businesses and apartment complexes that generate more than 4 cubic yards of waste per week to recycle 50% of their waste stream. It’s meant to divert some 20,000 tons of waste from the landfill.

Salt Lake City’s new ordinance will mean big business for local recyclers like Interwest Paper, Inc. Interwest already hauls about 400 to 500 tons of recycling from businesses along the Wasatch Front every week. “We primarily handle cardboard,” said Beau Peck Director of Sales and Marketing for Interwest Paper. “But we do lots of other items including ldpe films, newspaper, plastics, glass, metals.”

Under the new ordinance, Interwest Paper is one of Salt Lake City’s “certified haulers.”
Peck took us to a nearby business to check out their 4 yard dumpster. Inside it was filled with mostly recyclable material. Typical, Peck says, of what most businesses throw away. “Many customers we find that 80% of their waste stream is made up of corrugated cardboard, just flattened boxes,” said Peck.

Peck says he doesn’t think Salt Lake City businesses will have a hard time complying with the new ordinance once they find out they can actually save money by diverting their waste. “Many large businesses are doing their part. They see the bottom line of why they need to recycle, it costs money if you throw it away.”

Salt Lake City businesses and apartment complexes have until January of 2018 to comply with the new recycling ordinance. For more information log on to:!business-recycling/bs0d5