UTAH (ABC4) – Snowpack across Utah has hit new highs after a series of recent snowstorms this month.

A snowpack tracker by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) shows most regions within the state reporting positive snow water equivalent totals that have nearly doubled since last year across the state.

Last year the snowpack tracker shows a total of 45% snow water equivalent in Southwestern Utah — fast forward a year later and that figure now sits at 172%. Another area that more than doubled since last year is Beaver which had a snow water equivalent of 56% compared to this year’s 145%.

Areas more north such as Duchesne went from 70% snow water equivalent to 145%.

Just last month, A U.S. Drought Monitor map of Utah produced by the University of Nebraska showed that the entire state remained primarily in extreme drought conditions.

Here is a map of last year’s snow water equivalent around this time of December:

Courtesy: USDA

Here is a map of this year’s snow water equivalent for December 29:

Courtesy: USDA