PROVO, Utah (ABC4 News) – A controversy is growing around Brigham Young University after the school omitted homosexual references in its Honor Code. 

Fliers posted around the campus Thursday morning stirred emotions surrounding the clarification of the Honor Code.

SaveBYU_ went to twitter stating its members posted these flyers around Brigham Young University Thursday morning stating – “The Family is ordained of God. Marriage between man and woman is essential to His eternal plan.”

“They have all been removed by custodial here at BYU,” said Riley Madrian.

Madrian is with Restore Honor on campus. She says she is thankful for campus officials.

“Administration is working with us,” she said. “We brought student concerns to them, they are listening.”

One of those concerns was a threat made online stating a group “is mobilizing to make a coordinated, organized attack against LGBTQ+ students attending BYU.” 


Campus officials tell ABC4 News student safety is the utmost priority.

“We condemn hateful comments and actions in any form,” said University Media Relations Manager Todd Hollingshead.

“I think it is just a lot of students that care about their university and they are trying to do their best to create a space that they believe in,” Madrian added.

Provo police will work with BYU police officers with anything they need in regards to an attack or hate crime if asked.

“Controversy is hard, and we expected this. But, it is defiantly a win for equality here at BYU, that homosexual students will be held to the same standard as straight students rather than held to a higher standard,” said Madrian.

SaveBYU_ states it is funning a non-violent movement.