Racing Will Continue At Former Miller Motorsports Park In 2016


SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah News) – The 2016 racing season at the former Miller Motorsports Park will go on as scheduled while groups continue to vie for ownership of the facility.

Tooele County, the current owner of the racetrack built by the late Larry H. Miller, signed a one year contract with Utah Motorsports Campus to manage and operate the facility.

“We’re very proud that we’re able to keep it going until it gets sold to whoever buys it,” UMC President Alan Wilson told ABC4 Utah News Friday. “They’re hiring us as a manager just as if they hired us to manage a building or to clean their toilets. Sometimes I think this might be as messy as cleaning the toilets.”

It’s a story with as many twists and turns as the track’s 4.5 mile road course. In October the Tooele County Commission voted to sell the track and surrounding property to UMC, which is a division of Chinese Company Mitime Investments LLC whose $20 million bid was actually lower than the $22.5 million offered by Center Point Management, a real estate development company owned by Andrew Cartwright.

Center Point sued the County and in December, Judge Robert Adkins ruled in Center Point’s favor, ordering the sale to Mitime halted. Cartwright says that makes him the winning bidder and the management contract is an attempt to circumvent the law.

“It’s the most absurd, irresponsible thing I’ve ever heard,” Cartwright said in a phone interview from Aspen, Colorado. “You have that highest bidder. You already went through the process. You have a bona fide bid in front of you.”

But the County Commission says they’ll re-appraise the property and restart the bidding process. Wilson says Mitime will attempt to buy it again. Cartwright says the problem is with the three County Commissioners.

“I think it’s the ego,” Cartwright said. “They can’t be wrong at this point. Even when their own judge said they were wrong and said they operated in bad faith.”

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