Puppy found badly burned, tossed in trash


(CNN/WFLA) – Another horrific case of animal abuse surfaced over the weekend in Coachella, California.

NBC Palm Springs reports a woman found a 2-week-old puppy that had been badly burned and thrown in the trash.

“It was so horrible…sorry,” Alexandra Zazueta recalled. “Her belly was stuck to a plastic bag and she cried a lot when I was trying to remove her from the plastic bag.”

Zazueta said the puppy smelled like it was rotting and its skin was falling off. 

“I visibly saw lacerations down from her mid back all the way to her back legs. Her tail was cut, so her skin flap was just hanging off of her tail,” she recalled. “My mom was like you know what. Like maybe she’ll pass away. And I was like no we can’t give up. But if it happens she’s not going to die in a box or in a bag like if she was trash. So (inaudible).”

“The puppy was tossed into this dumpster left to die rotting inside in over 100-degree temperatures. Now the question becomes why does this keep happening?” said Luzdelia Caballero. 

The incident comes weeks after Deborah Caldwell, 53, was seen tossing seven puppies in a dumpster in the same town. She was charged with seven felony counts of injuring the 3-day-old puppies and seven misdemeanor counts of abandoning them. She could face a maximum of seven years in prison.

“As much as we are shocked and then of course saddened to see the penalties not maybe as stiff as everyone would like to see, it’s just that’s the reality in California,” said a man interviewed by the station. “There are a lot of people harming humans and have been convicted and then released. So it’s our world.”

The puppy is recovering at a clinic and is said to be on the up and up. It already has a new name and a home.

“Yes, Hope has a home and she has four other dogs waiting for her. And we are so happy and can’t wait to bring her home.” 

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