COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS, Utah (ABC4 News) – Black Lives Matter Utah held a protest in front of the Cottonwood Heights Police Department on Friday, to take a stand against police brutality.

Other groups also were on hand to show support for Cottonwood Heights PD, and others were there with rifles to express their second amendment rights.

Following the protest there was a man who was pepper sprayed in the face while he was recapping the protest. Following the incident, a suspect was taken into custody by Cottonwood Heights PD. ABC4 News has a call into Cottonwood Heights PD for more information.

Lex Scott, Founder, Black Lives matter Utah

“We had a peaceful protest, it went really well, besides the white supremacists who showed up with guns.”

“We want these police to protect the rights of protesters. We have the constitutional right to protest and freedom of speech. We noticed that they were brutalizing protesters so we came out to say, hello.”

“People want to know when these protests are going to stop, and when they are going to be over,” ABC4’s Brittany Johnson asked Scott. “When we pass a police reform bill that holds police accountable for their actions,” replied Scott.

“How can people be allies?” asked Johnson. “They can call their legislators and tell them to vote for the Justice and Policing Act in Washington, D.C., and to support the police reform bills that are coming up in January,” answered Lex.

“I want to thank everyone who came out and kept it peaceful tonight.”

CJ Drisdom, Founder, Bl4ck

“Love should be the leading cause of change, right? And so I’m just here showing love. I’m not controversial. I want to make sure love is the founding principle of what we do as Black people.”

“I’m definitely in support of Black lives and all Black lives. It doesn’t matter if you’re a police officer, it doesn’t matter if you’re a lawyer or whatever. I’m in support of all black lives.”

“We are a peaceful people naturally, and we just need to do what we need to do as far as loving on each other and loving people and God will do his work.”

Nicholas Mitchell, Calling for Police Reform

“I want people to do their jobs and just listen. Don’t placate. Really listen and try and just understand.” 

“Don’t come with excessive force. It’s not needed. Deescalate and demilitarize.”

Mike, Supporting Cottonwood Heights Police Department

“I am here because I’m sick and tired of the dysfunction of this country; the riots, the people getting hurt, the different agendas being pushed.”

“I think all lives matter. I’m not here for trouble. I’m just here to see what Black Lives Matter is all about.”

“Are you here to also show your support for Cottonwood Heights PD?” asked ABC4’s Brittany Johnson. “Yes I am,” Mike replied. “And I am also a convicted felon. I used to walk around with a sign that said ‘felons for cops.’ “

“I don’t think for one minute that they intentionally try to hurt anybody. “Of course we get a few bad apples but we’ve got hundreds of thousands of cops.”

Casey Robertson, Founder and President, Utah Citizens Alarm

“We back the blue. We’re 100-percent police. We think the police are doing a fantastic job. We are here to be extra eyes and ears for them and to be a deterrent for any violence.”

“We just don’t want people coming to Utah thinking they can burn our city down and take over our police departments and turn us into a socialist country. it’s not going to happen in Utah without a fight.”

“We are not a militia and we are an all-inclusive group. We’ve been falsely portrayed as racists or the KKK, because anyone who does not agree with the left’s message is a racist.”

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