Protecting your home from holiday burglars


ST. GEORGE, Utah (ABC4 News) – For many, the holiday season means family, friends, and food. But for criminals, it can mean something entirely different. An opportunity to cash in on homes when families are away traveling.

ABC4’s Katie Karalis met with St. George police who gave many tips that can save you and your family from becoming a target.

Nothing can ruin the holiday spirit faster than having your home broken into. In Washington County, police say that’s a reality, with a dramatic spike in this type of crime around the holiday season.

Mandy Lynn, 38, of St. Geroge was arrested Wednesday after police say she broke into a home along 750 South Street while the owners were away on vacation.

Court documents show mandy admitted that she stole the family’s truck and left it behind K-Mart on Bluff Street. Officers say they found syringes, methamphetamine, and heroin in her backpack.

Law enforcement says the spike in crime during the holidays may be due to increased drinking and drug use and extra time off.

For many, the holidays can be difficult and for some, it might mean spending time in high conflict situations.

If you are going away for the holidays, police say there are many ways to decrease your risk of a break-in.

They said you can invest in a home monitoring system, disconnect your garage door, keep a low profile on social media, and avoid leaving hidden keys anywhere. Investigators say thieves will look for it and they will find it.

Police say that the burglars watch for any vacancy signs like accumulating stacks of mail. Driveways with snow that haven’t been plowed or entry lights that are always on.


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