SALT LAKE CITY, Utah- (Good Things Utah) Life coach Shantell Reitz shares perception is everything when it comes to our stories. “The stories we tell ourselves dictate the actions we take and emotions we have,” said Reitz. “We create what we believe to be truth on a foundation of opinion, and are influenced by the opinions of the story. ” She recently return from a trip to Africa where she traveled on a four hour flight to Kenya from Egypt. During her flight from Cairo to Nairobi, Reitz and her husband both agreed conditions were quite warm. While they experienced this heat, others on the flight were using blankets that were offered by the flight crew. To the locals, this was colder weather and to Reitz and her husband, this was warm.

Reitz also says that each one of us may go through the same experience but have different perceptions of the events and also many things we think are fact are actually opinion . “How often do we run into conflict because we end up defending what we think is our truth?” said Reitz. Discuss the points of the story, which ones are fact and which are opinion. Sometimes we can self sabotage where we think one thing about ourselves and circumstances. Discuss the benefits of identifying opinions and stories in our lives. Shifting our perspective will help us.

Reitz is teaching a Restorative Flow and Sound Healing on Wednesday, Nov. 30 at 7 p.m. at Core 7 Fitness in Sandy. New clients can register for $5!