Price death mystery still unsolved

PRICE, Utah (ABC4 News) It’s been six years since the body of 38 year old Christopher Robertson was discovered in a manhole near his home in Price, Utah. The circumstances surrounding his death are suspicious, and the cause of death is, to this day, uncertain.

Christopher Robertson is described by his daughters as fun-loving and exciting.


“He was always doing something, he was always making me laugh. And that’s what I really appreciated about my dad was that he always had something to brighten my day,” says Ashley Robertson.

Another of Robertson’s daughters, Kelsey Robertson, agrees.

“He was always really adventurous. Like we’d go four-wheeling, or ‘let’s go up to the mountain today,’” she says.

Christopher Robertson went missing in 2011, not long after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. At that time, ABC4 spoke with Roy Robertson, Christopher’s brother.

“I know he’s been missing, and you know I miss my brother, I love my brother, and I wish he’d come home, wherever he’s at,” said Roy.

Days later, Christopher Robertson’s body was discovered, naked, in a manhole only 50 feet from his family’s property.

“The body had decomposed to the point where obvious signs of trauma, or obvious signs of death were not able to be found.  The toxicology reports weren’t very helpful, due to the rate of decomposition,” says Detective Wally Hendricks, who has been working on the case for the past year-and-a-half.

Detective Hendricks says that this case has remained a mystery in the community since it happened. He says over a hundred leads have been followed, fruitlessly, in identifying what happened to Christopher Robertson.

Detective Hendricks adds, “Talk. Talk about this case. Keep this case up front. If anybody knows anything or has heard anything, even if it sounds ridiculous, let me know, and we’ll follow it out, we’ll figure it out. No lead is too short, and no idea is too far fetched.”

Robertson’s daughters say they suspect someone very close to their dad was involved with his death.

“We just want closure,” says Kelsey Robertson.

Ashley Robertson adds, “I just want answers for him. He deserves it.”


If you have any information regarding the death of Christopher Robertson, you can contact the Carbon County Sheriff’s Office at 435.637.0890.


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