ROOSEVELT, Utah (ABC4 News) – Roosevelt City is a quiet town in Duchesne County, branded as the energy hub of Utah. 

“That industry drives the bulk of our money into the area but the agriculture is that backbone,” said Ryan Lundstrom.

Ryan Lundstrom works at the Senior and Community Center as the director of Travel and Tourism. 

“We have everything from the bottom of 9 mile canyon to King’s Peak, the highest peak in Utah,” said Lundstrom.

But the oil and gas boom, died out. Since then, local leaders are trying to get a rail system. 

“The type of crude oil that we have is very waxy so it’s hard to get it out of the basin,” he added.

Lundstrom says the goal is to transport the oil to the Gulf Coast, where it can be used in many different ways. 

“Economically, that’s a lot of resources to bring in, to get that established and going, but the tri county coalition has been helping us with that,” he said.

Some residents say they think a rail system could help diversify the economy here.

“A bust is going to happen, we know it, we anticipate it, so when projects are planned they don’t try to over-plan them so when a bust does come, it can’t be maintained,” he said.

Lundstrom says an example of the county‘s planning is the public pool. It opened two years ago, sponsored by the community. 

“The initial pool plan was for a full recreation center that we knew we couldn’t maintain during a bust, so it got scaled-down,” said Lundstrom.

Many residents say they enjoy the rural way of life, but are hoping for more stability with the county’s economy. 

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