SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – Utah had a glimpse of the spotlight during the Democratic National Convention Tuesday night.

During the second night of the convention, Democrats formally named Joe Biden as the party’s nominee for president. The roll call vote of state delegations, which typically unfolds over several hours of fanfare, was abbreviated during the largely virtual convention.

According to the Democratic National Convention Committee, the theme of the roll call vote was “Leadership Matters” and aimed to “spotlight those who are stepping up in this moment of crisis to play their part in the democratic process.”

Salt Lake County Mayor Jenny Wilson shared Utah’s votes and used the moment to debunk misinformation about mail-in voting.

“We’ve had mail-in voting for years. If you’re registered to vote, you automatically get sent a ballot. It’s fast. It’s reliable, and it’s easy for everyone to participate,” Wilson said.

Wilson boasted Utah’s high voter turnout during the 2016 election where 82% of the state’s registered voters cast a ballot and suggested even higher turnout for the 2020 election.

“That’s why Democrats and Republicans here in Utah agree. Mail-in voting strengthens our democracy,” Wison said.

The mayor’s remarks during the convention come as President Donald Trump continues to blast mail-in voting as flawed and fraudulent. Late last month Trump suggested delaying the Nov. 3 election because it would be “the most inaccurate and fraudulent election in history.”

Both Democrats and Republicans including Utah’s governor rebuffed the idea. Governor Gary Herbert said the state has seen “no evidence of anything untoward with mail-in ballots.”

 Utah is one of the few states that primarily relied on mail-in voting before the coronavirus pandemic raised concerns about voting in person.

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