WEBER COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – Just over a week ago, a resolution to censure Senator Mitt Romney failed to pass at the Utah GOP Convention. However, on Saturday during the Weber County Republican Party Convention, a similar resolution did pass.

“I knew it was going to pass because at the state convention because I looked around at our Weber County delegates and I knew we had the vote,” Brian Gray tells ABC4 News. Gray is the primary sponsor of the resolution to censure Senator Romney in Weber County.

The resolution outlines six reasons for the censure. All six of those reasons center around Senator Romney’s votes to convict former President Donald Trump after the House of Representatives impeached him.

While Gray and the other four sponsors of the measure to censure Senator Romney were confident it would pass, there was still push back from those opposed during the convention Saturday, and debate followed.

“Then we took a vote after the debate, which is what we do, and the measure passed by 54% of the delegates,” explains co-sponsor Bill Olson.

The sponsors of the measure say it sends a message to the senator that there are republicans who are not happy with how he represents the state. Nonetheless, Olson tells ABC4 he doesn’t believe Romney will take the message to heart. He adds, “I don’t think anything will change with Mr. Romney. He’s pretty passionate about his own personal feelings.”

Gray tells ABC4 that while the sponsors don’t believe the censure will change the way Senator Romney acts in his position, they do hope it will encourage other Utah republicans to vote more conservative and “act more like republicans by following our constitution and party platform.”

To date, Weber and Washington counties are the only two counties in Utah to vote in favor of censuring Senator Romney.

NOTE: The photo is from the Weber County Republican Party Convention on Saturday. Courtesy: Bill Olson.