(ABC4) – Utah’s Senator Mitt Romney was confronted by self-described “patriots” while traveling to Washington D.C. on Tuesday.

Videos posted to Twitter show Sen. Romney sitting at Salt Lake International Airport using a laptop while waiting for his flight to the capital.

In the video, seen in the tweet below, Sen. Romney can be heard asking the person recording to “please put a mask on.” The unidentified person can be heard saying they are standing far enough away, but Sen. Romney continues to ask them to put a mask on. He can be seen wearing one.


The person then asks him why he isn’t supporting President Donald Trump.

Sen. Romney says he “agrees with many of the things [Pres. Trump] is for.” When asked if he will support Pres. Trump in the “fradulent votes,” Sen. Romney says he will not, adding that it’s a “long story.”

Sen. Romney released a statement over the weekend saying that fellow Republican senators planning to oppose the voting certification for several states is an “egregious ploy” that “dangerously threatens our Democratic Republic.”

In the above video, which garnered 4.4 million views, the person can be heard asking Sen. Romney why he did not support Pres. Trump in the election. Romney admits that he did not and the person says he was “voted in as a conservative to represent the conservative constituents.” The senator replies, saying “that’s not how the Constitution works.”

The senator is among a group of Republicans condemning others trying to overturn the presidential election.

Pressing Romney further, the person filming said the senator’s meant to represent “us”, Sen. Romney responded by saying he “works for the people of Utah.”

Sen. Romney then tries to walk away from the area and is verbally confronted by the person recording as well as another man recording the interaction.

As Romney walks away, the person recording repeatedly calls him a joke, then alleging that his “little friend Cox,” presumably recently-inaugurated Governor Spencer Cox, “assaulted me last night, Cox did.”

In a separate video posted to Twitter on Tuesday, seen below, the tweet prompt suggests that Sen. Romney is aboard “a flight full of patriots.”


Numerous passengers begin chanting “traitor” and “traitor Mitt.”

Someone can also be heard yelling, “Mitt Romney, you don’t listen to your constituents.”

Utah’s second senator, Republican Mike Lee, tweeted Wednesday morning, condemning the actions seen in the videos above.

Sen. Lee says, in part, “We as a country need to be better than this.”

Sen. Lee, unlike Sen. Romney and Representatives Burgess Owens, Chris Stewart, and John Curtis, has not released an official statement regarding Wednesday’s Congressional meeting to confirm President-elect Joe Biden’s electoral win.

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