SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — The three Salt Lake City mayoral candidates for the Nov. 21 general election will face off tonight in a debate moderated by the Salt Lake Tribune tonight.

Incumbent Erin Mendenhall, former Mayor Ross “Rocky” Anderson, and challenger Michael Valentine are all set to debate starting at 6 p.m. tonight. The entire debate will be livestreamed in the video player above via PBS Utah.

The Tuesday, Nov. 21 election will also feature the runoff for the Dist. 2 U.S. Congressional District and a number of municipal races around the state.

Mailed ballots will go out on Oct. 30. Early voting will be held from Nov. 7-17. The deadline to vote in the general election is Nov. 13. The last day to send mail/absentee ballots to active registered voters is Nov. 14.

The election will be held using ranked-choice voting. Voters will not only pick the person they want for mayor, but they will also rank the three candidates in the order they like them.

“The Utah State Legislature made RCV possible for municipal elections by passing H.B. 35, the Municipal Alternative Voting Methods Pilot Project. The pilot allows cities the option to use RCV for elections between January 2019 through January 2026,” states the city’s website. “On March 7, 2023, the Council voted to use RCV without a primary for the 2023 Municipal Elections, which includes council members for even-numbered districts and the mayoral race. “

Salt Lake City voters will also have the following races to look toward:

Salt Lake City Council Dist. 4

  • Eva Lopez Chavez
  • Ana Valdemoros
  • Clayton Scrivner

Salt Lake City Council Dist. 6

  • James Alfandre
  • Jack Bellows
  • Dan Dugan
  • Taymour B. Semnani

Salt Lake City Council Dist. 7

  • Sarah Young
  • Molly Jones

Mt. Olympus Improvement District

  • Michele Rivera
  • James W. Carter