SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) – Utah Democrats have an all-women leadership team for the Senate Minority Caucus. 

Senator Luz Escamilla will now serve as the new minority leader. Switching leadership roles Senator Karen Mayne will serve as Minority Whip. Two newcomers are filling the other two major roles. Senator-Elect Jennifer Plumb will serve as Minority Assistant Whip. Senator-Elect Stephanie Pitcher was chosen to be Minority Caucus Manager. 

Escamilla said Utah’s Senate Minority Caucus has never had an all-women leadership team. She said she’s excited, but not surprised, since Democrats now only have one male senator. Escamilla said the last few years, Democrats have put more focus on having women in leadership positions. 

“We value women, I think women bring certainly a different type of perspective that is much needed in the Utah State Legislature. And so when there’s more women, we embrace that,” said Escamilla. 

While there is only one male Democratic senator, the opposite is true for Republicans. Of the 23 Republican Senators, one is a woman.