OREM, Utah (ABC4) – The gloves were off Monday with Senator Mike Lee and challenger Evan McMullin facing each other in a heated showdown of policy and party. 

“Seriously entertaining the idea of supporting an opportunistic gadfly supported by the democratic party might make for an interesting dinner table conversation but this is not an ordinary year,” Senator Mike Lee said. 

“You’re worried about the fact that I’m an independent and that I’m building a cross partisan coalition of republicans, democrats and independents and members of third parties to replace you and to stand up to your broken politics,” candidate Mike McMullin said. 

Things first got heated when McMullin accused Lee of trying to overthrow the election. 

“Senator Lee, that was the most egregious betrayal of our nation’s constitution in its history by a U.S. senator I believe and it will be your legacy,” McMullin said. 

Lee strongly denied the claims. 

“It’s not surprising to me that you would come here today and spout not only lies but lies that are specific to the leftist cause, lies that are specific to the democratic party, and lies hat certainly are not applicable to me,” Lee said. 

The candidates even got into a spat about Senator Lee’s pocket constitution. 

“Senator Lee, the constitution is not a prop for you to wave about and then when it’s convenient for your pursuit of power to abandon without a thought,” McMullin said. 

With Lee defending his stance as a constitutionalist. 

“This is a reference manual I carry it with me next to my heart and refer to it daily, constantly,” Lee said. 

The candidates also agreed on many issues, saying the Biden administration’s overspending created record inflation hurting Americans, DREAMers should be able to stay in the country and we need more support for the great Salt Lake. 

The key difference came in Lee’s push for conservative policies and McMullin’s push for working across party lines. 

“I’m committed to working with others to get things done,” McMullin said. 

“We have to have the senate back in republican control,” Lee said. 

But not without a couple of jabs along the way. 

Ballots first mail out Tuesday, both candidates said they’re going to keep campaigning to voters until election day.