UTAH (ABC4) — Rep. Chris Stewart, 62, officially resigned from his seat in the U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday.

While speaking with voters in Sugar House Park, his accomplishments in his leadership roles in Congress have earned him praise from many Utahns. Those who spoke with us expressed compassion towards his decision to retire early, understanding the importance of family obligations.

John Hill, a resident of Holladay and a veteran himself, appreciates Stewart’s dedication to the country.

“He’s a veteran,” he said. “I’m a veteran myself. And so I think he’s done a lot for our country. So what a great guy.”

Mike Fenton, another Holladay resident, believes that elected officials should fulfill their elected terms but recognizes the significance of family issues.

“I think that an elected official should serve their term when they’re elected,” Fenton said. “I think that they do a lot to get elected, and I think the people trust them for that. But I also think that if it’s family issues, I don’t know what to do about that. And you just wish her the best and a healthy recovery.”

Roch Horton, a Millcreek resident, wishes Stewart well, acknowledging the legitimacy of prioritizing family.

“I wish him well,” he said. “And his reasons for putting family as his priority are certainly legit.”

Larry Cox, Stewart’s top individual supporter and longtime friend, expresses his high regard for him.

“Rarely does someone come along who is so well-schooled to be a Congressman as Chris Stewart,” Cox wrote. “His military experience, business experience, and commitment to social and family values made him ideal to represent Utahans and all Americans. His early departure from The House would be a serious loss to our country. His calm style and commitment to fair treatment for all are exactly the characteristics we need in government right now. I hope that if his situation becomes resolved, he can return to Congress in some capacity.”

While some individuals highlight Stewart’s influence on Utah and the nation as a whole, others express concerns about the void left by his departure.

“I think his absence will be felt, and so I hope that there’s a great plan for his replacement,” John Hill said. “And I’m sure that there’s a lot of rising stars in Utah that they’ll be able to take over his position and do it really well.”

Roch Horton emphasizes the importance of the people’s choice for the new representative, stating, “You know, the people decide. And whoever it is, you know, all the best. A lot of challenges, you know, right now in this state. And so, you know, keeping an open mind and, you know, progressing and making sure that we keep the quality of life here what it should be.”

Hill expresses hope for a capable successor, stating, “I don’t know what’s going to happen with the GOP in Utah…But I’m hopeful that we’ll find someone that will replace Congressman Stewart and do just as great of a job.”

Some voters did not support Stewart and declined to go on camera, but they expressed their well wishes for him and his family regarding their health concerns.