SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) – Marking the one-year anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) resolidified his support for Ukraine, saying it was in America’s best interest.

On Thursday morning, Romney posted on Twitter saying if Russia can invade, subjugate, and pillage Ukraine with impunity, it will do the same to others, which diminishes the security of Americans.

“The global competition between dictatorship and democracy is center stage in Ukraine. The world is watching to see whether we have the courage of our convictions. America will not shrink from supporting freedom,” said Romney.

Throughout his Twitter thread, Romney warned of the dangers of an expansionist Russia and what it would mean should the United States not support Ukraine. The Utah Senator claimed Russia would continue invading neighboring nations, potentially drawing the United States into war by attacking a NATO ally, if left unchecked.

Romney pointed to China, saying the People’s Republic was watching the U.S. response to Russia closely as it “eyes invading Taiwan.”

“It’s in our interests to safeguard freedom and stop China from having free rein over its neighbor,” stated Romney. “Taiwan also produced almost 3/4 of the semiconductors we need for our economy and military.”

Romney continued by saying that America stands with its allies, citing a 1994 inducement for Ukraine where the United States made security assurances for Ukraine’s sovereignty as an independent country in exchange for it forfeiting its nuclear weapons.

In his Twitter thread, Romney said the U.S. would honor those assurances saying, “a nation perceived as abandoning its commitments will have few allies when they are needed.”

Romney’s comments received praise from President Biden, who said Romney would be the first to tell anyone that he and the president don’t always agree.

“But he knows what I know: that standing with Ukraine – and standing up for freedom – advances our national security,” said Biden.

Utah Gov. Spencer Cox echoed Romney’s remarks with a statement on Friday morning, applauding Ukrainians’ courage and saying Utah will stand with Ukraine and for freedom and democracy.