SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) – Utah State Rep. Ken Ivory, District 39, has filed a resolution for Utah to join the states calling for term limits on members of Congress.

Rep. Ivory has filed House Joint Resolution 9 (HJR9) which reflects the support of Utah voters, as the latest RMG Research poll shows. 77% of likely voters in Utah support term limits in Congress, “including strong support among Republicans, Democrats, and Independents alike” a press release states.

The President of U.S. Term Limits, Philip Blumel reportedly commended Ivory for working on the electoral reform.

“The people of Utah are lucky to have public servants who see what is going on in D.C. and are willing to take action to fix it.” Blumel said, “by using Article V to term limit Congress, the states can restore citizen representation on Capitol Hill.”

The release states that 29 representatives have pledged to cosponsor and support the term limits resolution.

HJR9 is reportedly assigned to the Rules Committee for a vote before it makes its way to the chamber floor. If passed, Utah will join other states in the call for an Article V convention “for the exclusive purpose of proposing a Congressional Term Limits Amendment,” the release states.

Once 34 state legislatures pass similar resolutions, Congress must call the convention, in order for the states to propose the amendment. This will then require ratification by 38 states, or three-fourths of the nation, to become part of the U.S. Constitution.

U.S. Term Limits is reportedly the largest nonpartisan, non-profit organization advocating specifically for term limits. Their mission is “to improve the quality of government with a citizen legislature that closely reflects its constituency and is responsive to the needs of the people it serves.”

The states that have passed a term limits-only resolution are; Florida, Alabama, Missouri, and West Virginia. And fifteen states have passed a resolution that includes term limits as part of a limited government amendment.