SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – After five votes and a sixth to go underway soon, the House has still yet to vote for the next Speaker. California Republican Representative Kevin McCarthy continues to be shut down by 20 conservative holdouts, but Utah lawmakers are united in their support behind the GOP Leader.

Utah Representatives Burgess Owens, Chris Stewart, and Blake Moore all took to Twitter, giving their support to McCarthy while criticizing the dissenters. While Rep. John Curtis hasn’t made any comments on social media about the votes, he has voted in favor of McCarthy in all three of Monday’s votes.

On Monday afternoon, Stewart called the 20 holdouts “egotistical” in a tweet, saying they were only chasing their ’15 minutes of fame.’

“They have no candidate. They have no consensus. And they have no goal,” Stewart said. “Don’t buy their empty rhetoric about ‘draining the swamp.'”

Ahead of Day Two of votes in the House, Reps. Owens and Moore gave support to Stewart’s comments.

“When members are holding votes in exchange for committee positions, you see this is not about principle but personal enrichment. We don’t sell gavels for votes,” Owens tweeted. “Don’t be fooled by 20-second sound bites. Over 91% of us stand being [McCarthy] for a reason. Let’s get to work.”

Moore criticized the voting results by saying House Republicans can either come together to advance their agenda or allow a select few to keep them from governing. On CNN, Moore confirmed that even if it took a thousand votes, he would continue to vote for McCarthy.

“One thing that is left out of the conversation with a lot of this is Republicans, for better or worse, notoriously don’t always fall in line,” said Moore. “And you saw that today. I’m hopeful we can get there here in the near future.” Like I said in days leading up to this, we have an agenda and we want to implement that agenda.”

According to the Associated Press, it has been 100 years since a speaker’s election has gone to multiple votes. However, in 1855, the fight for the speakership lasted two months, with 133 ballots.

The Associated Press said a new generation of conservative Republicans aligned with former President Donald Trump’s Make America Great Again agenda wants to “upend business as usual” in Washington and were “committed to stopping McCarthy’s rise without concessions” to their own agenda.

“We have a job to do. We were elected to get our agenda implemented. We have a commitment to America and we have to be able to do that,” Moore told CNN.