UTAH (ABC4) – A proposed bill in the 2021 Utah Legislative session could require law enforcement to file a report each time they point a firearm or stun gun at an individual.

House Bill 264, sponsored by Representative Angela Romero (D-Salt Lake City), proposes amendments to law enforcement weapons usage that not only requires the report to be filed but provides procedures for submitting the report and requires a supervisory review of the report.

On Tuesday, H.B. 264 received a favorable recommendation from the House Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Committee.

Under the bill, the report would require a description of the incident, the identification of the individuals involved in the incident, and any other pertinent information.

There are two exceptions in which a report would not need to be filed – during law enforcement training exercises and when an officer who, as a part of an officer-involved critical incident, engaged in certain conduct.

You can view the proposed bill in full below:

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In 2020, there were 30 officer-involved shootings in Utah, 17 of which were deadly. With the exception of November, there was at least one officer-involved shooting in the state every month.