SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) – The Office of the Legislative Auditor General (OLAG) assured Utah is free of systemic problems, widespread errors or significant fraud after completing an audit of the state’s election systems on Tuesday.

OLAG said in its audit summary that while Utah has opportunities to improve, the election systems and processes work together to guard election integrity.

The audit, which was requested by the Legislative Audit Subcommittee last December, observed and tested the election systems in every county during the 2022 primary election. OLAG said it was specifically asked to examine the integrity of the election processes, the accuracy of voter rolls, and the security around voters’ ballots.

According to OLAG, Utah’s election integrity comes from “multiple layers of process and defense” that must be defeated in order to undermine an election in Utah.

“I’m pleased the legislative audit found no evidence of systematic problems, widespread errors, or significant fraud in Utah’s election systems,” said Lt. Gov. Deidre Henderson in a statement. “Further, I’m comforted that our election systems have dependable layers of defensive control measures to stop bad actors from undermining election integrity in the Beehive State.”

The audit examined county-level administration, the voter registration system, voter list maintenance, pre-election logic and accuracy testing, mail ballot prep, ballot intake and the chain of custody, signature verifications, ballot tabulation and storage, the post-election audit, and voter feedback.

Across all areas, nothing threw up red flags for OLAG to say Utah’s election integrity was compromised, but the audit did unveil some areas of Utah’s election process that could use improvement.

OLAG pointed out that the chain-of-custody practices in some counties make it difficult to account for every ballot and some mistakes within the voter registration database could be fixed with some increased oversight. OLAG also said that Utah lacks a clear legal standard for signature verification.

“Our work enhancing Utah’s election systems is never complete,” Lt. Gov. Henderson continued in her statement. “We are continually looking for ways to improve. I appreciate the strong partnership with the Legislature and our 29 county clerks. We will continue to ensure eligible voters have access to the ballot while strengthening election security in Utah.”