SPANISH FORK, Utah (ABC4) – Utah County Sheriff Mike Smith is holding a press conference at 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday in response to Utah County Attorney David Leavitt’s call for his resignation.

On Wednesday, Leavitt held a press conference accusing Smith of “misuse of taxpayer and county resources.”

During the conference, Leavitt addressed allegations that he and his wife are under investigation for the alleged cannibalism and murder of children.

The allegations he’s referring to are part of a Utah County investigation into “ritualistic child sexual abuse” throughout the period of 1990 to 2010.

Leavitt called the allegations “ludicrous” and “outlandish” and a “pack of lies.”

Leavitt is calling for an independent investigation into the case and how the official case documents were initially released. He also called for the resignation of Utah County Sheriff’s Public Information Officer Sgt. Spencer Cannon for allegedly accusing Leavitt.

During Smith’s follow-up press conference, he says the investigations are ongoing and no names of suspects or victims have been released.

“If they have been released, that did not come from this office,” says Smith.

“So with that said and what it’s worth, I will not be resigning and Spencer Cannon will not be disciplined,” says Smith.

The full press conference can be seen in the video above.