(ABC4) – A Utah representative says he “will not vote to certify the election.”

Representative Chris Stewart took to Twitter Monday, saying in part that the decision comes “after serious thought and consideration.”

He continues, saying,

“I believe there are critical questions that need to be answered concerning our Presidential election. Until we have resolved those issues surrounding voting irregularities, ballot integrity and security, and the implementation of state election laws, I can now, in good conscience, uphold the oath I took to protect and defend our constitution by voting to certify the election.”

The congressman continues, saying, “President-elect Joe Biden deserves to enter his Presidency without this cloud hanging over him, President Trump deserves answers, and most importantly, the American people deserve to have their confidence in our elections restored.”

He isn’t the first to make this decision.

Representative-elect Burgess Owens joined the list of House members who plan to oppose the Electoral Count and challenge Biden’s victory.

Owens shared the following with ABC4 News.

“I am focused on making sure future elections are safe and secure in America. If irregularities exist, we should examine and provide solutions to make sure our electoral process is accurate and represents the will of the people. Millions of Americans across this country are concerned about the electoral process and we do them a great disservice by merely ignoring their voices.”

Senator Mike Lee has not yet issued a statement, but will “tomorrow or Wednesday,” according to his communications director.

Throughout the 2020 election, President Donald Trump claimed widespread fraud took place. He has pushed Republican senators to pursue his charges even though the Electoral College announced Biden’s victory.

Senator Mitt Romney released a statement as 2021 began, saying that to reject the results of the presidential election results is “nonsense.”

“The egregious ploy to reject electors may enhance the political ambition of some, but dangerously threatens our Democratic Republic. The congressional power to reject electors is reserved for the most extreme and unusual circumstances. These are far from it. More Americans participated in this election than ever before, and they made their choice. President Trump’s lawyers made their case before scores of courts; in every instance, they failed. The Justice Department found no evidence of irregularity sufficient to overturn the election. The Presidential Voter Fraud Commission disbanded without finding such evidence.”

When Congress meets to certify the Electoral College results, any lawmaker is free to object to a state’s votes. The objection is not taken up unless it is in writing and signed by both a member of the House and Senate.

Current Vice President Mike Pence, president of the Senate, will preside over the Jan. 6 session and declare the winner.

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