SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) – The scores from the first Dignity Index report have been released, less than 24 hours after John Curtis and Glenn Wright took to their debate for the Third District in the House of Representatives.

The Dignity Index, which was announced earlier this week, scores politicians on how dignified their speech is leading into the November 8 election. Speeches, public emails, ads, and social media posts are given a score between one and eight on the Dignity Index, with one being the least dignified and eight being the most. 

For the first set of scores, coders with the Dignity Index attempted to find statements from candidates that were both dignified and contemptuous to show that all candidates were capable of both.

ABC4 will update these scores weekly as the Dignity Index releases updated scores.

U.S. Senate

Mike Lee (R) – AVG 4.5

  • 4 – Lee received a four for a campaign email that was sent on Sept. 28 where he called McMullin a “fake ‘independent'” that “many are falling for.”
  • 5 – In a Washington Times op-ed posted on Sept. 20, Lee called for respect, reverence and utmost care for children no matter their national origin.

Evan McMullin (I) – AVG 5

  • 4 – McMullin earned his low score from a campaign email sent in late September where he called for support in his race to replace “obstructionist Senator Mike Lee.”
  • 6In a tweet sent on Sept. 24, McMullin recalled his 10-year tenure in CIA, saying “The men and women I served alongside never asked each other who they voted for what political party they were part of. We all knew we had the same goal: Protect our democracy.”

U.S. House of Representatives District 1

Blake Moore (R) -AVG 5.5

  • 4 – Through an op-ed, Moore received his low score after saying “We need to return to a pre-2020 American government that puts people ahead of bureaucratic red tape. We need to get our country back on track.”
  • 7 – Moore earned one of the only two sevens scored this week for a comment he made January 2021 regarding impeachment saying, “Without a single hearing or investigation, I simply cannon reach the high bar of impeachment” before concluding by saying “we share the same desire for a more productive and unified America.”

Rick Jones (D) – AVG 4

  • 3 – Jones received one of the only three’s for a statement about former U.S. President Donald Trump on his website, claiming something is “fundamentally wrong when Trump can spend 350 times as much paying prostitute porn stars as he does paying federal income taxes.”
  • 5 – Another statement from Jones’ website earned a five where he said “recipients of tax cuts worth tens of millions do not use the saved money to support local businesses and eat out more often. Instead the money is used to purchase assets, such as land, contributing to asset price inflation which makes housing less affordable or even out of reach for many.”

U.S. House of Representatives District 2

Chris Stewart (R) – AVG 5

  • 6 – Stewart received a high six for a post he made on Facebook, where he applauds a bi-partisan bill he authored with Congressman Seth Moulton (D-MA) that addresses the nation’s mental crisis.
  • 4 – The incumbent congressman earned a four after criticizing President Joe Biden in a Facebook post, saying his “spending spree” will cause Utah families to “face inflation costs of more than $8,000 next year.”

Nick Mitchell (D) – AVG 4

  • 3 – Mitchell’s Sept. 21 tweet was given the only other three this week, after claiming his opponent “hated democracy” after voting against The Presidential Election Reform Act.
  • 5Another tweet from Mitchell scored a five for saying that whether you vote for him or against him, your voice needs to be heard.

U.S. House of Representatives District 3

Republic incumbent John Curtis and Democratic nominee Glenn Wright faced one another in a debate hosted a Brigham Young University in Provo on Thursday night. With the first scores released of the Dignity Index, the two received additional scores based off comments from their debate.

John Curtis (R) – AVG 6

  • 6 – In a Twitter post on Sept. 27, John Curtis said it was on honor to work with Rep. Lowenthal (D-CA) and recognize Congress’ role in harnessing the power of the free market and government collaboration to create jobs.
  • 6Another twitter post from Curtis said “No one can argue, right or left, that’s what’s happening at the border is acceptable.” In the post he said he continues to work with colleagues in Congress to find solutions that bring “the best and brightest to the U.S.”
  • 7 – Coders gave high praise for Curtis’ response to climate change, giving a seven for saying “you draw a continuum and you take people where they are on this issue, and you value everybody’s opinion, we can have a very thoughtful conversation about how we reduce emissions” during the debate.
  • 6 – Curtis earned a six after praising his colleagues in Congress, both right and left, working towards what is best for the country and not being part of the divisiveness.
  • 6 – After speaking directly to Glenn Wright during the debate, Curtis was scored another six for speaking on the respect he has for Wright’s military service before challenging him on “non-discretionary spending.”
  • 5 – Curtis’ lowest score comes after making comments on the controversial bill that banned transgender girls from competing in girls’ sports. In the comment, he said he wanted it to be fair for the young women. However, he ended saying “if it’s more complicated than that, I’m happy to sit down and talk about it.”

Glenn Wright (D) – AVG 5.3

  • 6 – Wright’s first score came from a Sept. 18 tweet where he emphasizes working together. In the tweet he says “we may not agree on the solutions, but we can no longer afford to be a divided country and state.”
  • 4 – In a tweet sent the same day, Wright also criticized how long it took to get protections for veterans. In the tweet he pointed towards John Curtis saying, “Rep Curtis disrespected veterans by voting against the PACT Act.”
  • 6 – Wright earned a six during Thursday’s debate by addressing what the Dignity Index is about. “It’s important not to make a lot of cheap soundbites, and call your opponents names and belittle them,” Wright said.
  • 6 – In a comment about immigration reform, Wright praised his opposition for having good ideas, though also said he thinks they are little strict in some places. Though Wright clearly stated his openness to negotiate and find a proper solution for immigration.
  • 6 – On climate and energy, Wright applauded Representative Curtis in his efforts, and said he agrees with many of Curtis’ comments made during the debate. In his comments he said “I do think we need to be a lot more aggressive. We don’t need to sacrifice our economy.”
  • 4 – Wright received his lowest score from the debate after heavily criticizing the transgender sports ban saying “I think the really bad part of that bill was it came from a segment of our society that is afraid of the LGBT community and just they found transgendered folks as the latest whipping person.”

U.S. House of Representatives District 4

Burgess Owens (R) – AVG 4

  • 4 – Burgess Owens called the last two years a “failure by the Biden Administration and leaders of the Dem party,” saying his commitment to America brings a “future of hope” in a Sept. 23 tweet.
  • 4In a Facebook post on Sept. 21, Owens said inflation is costing American’s an extra $717 per month before concluding that “basic necessities are unaffordable in Biden’s economy.”

Darlene McDonald (D) – AVG 3.5

  • 3 – McDonald criticized Owens in a Sept. 21 tweet saying he “has proven that he has no qualms throwing people under the bus to get what he wants.” The claim earned a three on the Dignity Index.
  • 4 – Another tweet posted by McDonald on Sept. 27 asks voters why District 4 would re-elect “MAGA Republican Burgess Owens, who is more comfortable on FOX with the Betsy Ross Flag behind him than he is talking to or showing up for constituents.”

The next set of scores will be released on Friday, Oct. 14, and will include analysis from the debates for District 1 (Oct. 10) and District 4 (Oct. 12), both of which will be streamed live here on

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