SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) – WCF Insurance is making a company-wide effort to provide more opportunities for women. Monday, that conversation turned to politics.

When the Salt Lake Chamber rolled out the ElevateHer Challenge, WCF jumped on board.

“Really we are trying to accomplish increasing the education on opportunities for women and clearing out any roadblocks,” said Sr. V.P. of Information Technology Debi Mofford.

To do that, WCF created the Women’s Leadership Board. Made up of men and women, the board promotes activities to move the needle within the company and beyond.

That includes the political arena.

“In Utah I think we, I believe we have an identity crisis. The power structure does not reflect our current demographics,” said Senator Jani Iwamoto, (D) West Valley City.

Iwamoto says a female perspective is missing at the highest levels of government in Utah.

WCF invited her to discuss the issue, along side her colleague Senator Karen Mayne.

They are two of only six women in the 29 seat Utah Senate.

“Good legislation comes from lots of discussion, lots of different views and lots of different paths,” said Mayne, (D) West Valley City.

Mayne and Iwamoto are encouraging more women to step forward, just like they did.

They say it doesn’t have to start with elected office. There are lots of opportunities to get involved with campaigns, at the city level or even the PTA.

“They think that they have children issues, work issues, family issues, we all have that. But, I think that they just need to be exposed, and we need to give them direction and they are there to serve,” said Mayne.

Senator Mayne was the second highest producer in the last legislative session, with 23 bills passed.