SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) – Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall released her 2023 goals for Utah’s capital city on Tuesday, Jan. 31. The goals are focused on four main areas, categorized as city growth, environment, community and family.

Top on her list of goals to accomplish is providing services and housing options for the homeless and tackling Salt Lake City’s air quality and water conservation. Mendenhall said her 60 goals for the upcoming year are “geared around commitments to our planet and each other.”

One such goal includes working with county, state, and service provider partners to implement takeaways from the “Miami Model.” The takeaways include housing options and services for the homeless with serious mental health needs. Another goal to assist Salt Lake City’s homeless population is to push to get homes ready in The Other Side Village by winter of 2023.

Environmentally, Mendenhall’s goals highlight a push toward upgrading infrastructure such as water pipes, and providing incentives to businesses and residents for electrified landscaping equipment and using e-bikes. Mayor Mendenhall also has plans to work with golf courses across the city to reduce the use of water by developing a plan to begin implementation in 2024.

During her 2023 State of the City address, Mendenhall said Salt Lake City is in “a constant forward motion.” Throughout her address, she spoke of city growth economically and residentially. She emphasized the need to address a changing landscape and to let the city’s growth work for the city and not let it just happen to the city.

Mendenhall’s goal to help facilitate the growth of the city includes drafting and requesting city council to adopt “Housing SLC,” a suite of policies that is aimed to improve the affordability of living in the city.

It also includes the continued redevelopment of the Ballpark neighborhood with the $100 million public-private partnership to revitalize the area and the Ballpark Next competition to determine what will become of the lot that is currently the site of Smith’s Ballpark.

The growth plan also includes prioritizing the economic development of Salt Lake City’s West Side as part of the North Temple Area Revitalization plan.

With her 60 goals for 2023, Mayor Mendenhall claimed that the new year will be a big year for Salt Lake City.

To view more details about all 60 goals, which are currently listed as “in progress,” visit the Mayor’s Plan website here.