RICHFIELD, Utah (ABC4) — The City of Richfield canceled its upcoming municipal elections, the city announced on Monday, Oct. 2.

In a statement, city recorder Michele Jolley said Richfield Mayor Bryan Burrows and the City Council adopted a resolution that canceled the municipal election. The election would have been held on Tuesday, Nov. 21.

The decision was made because “the number of candidates does not exceed the number of open at-large municipal offices,” according to Jolley. Richfield reportedly only received three declarations of candidacy for the city’s council – Brayden Gardner, Kip Hansen and Kendrick Thomas.

By default, each candidate will be considered elected to the office of council member for a four-year term.

Richfield City residents will still receive a ballot come November, however, to cast a vote for the open seat in Utah’s 2nd Congressional District special election. The seat was opened after outgoing Representative Chris Stewart (R) announced his retirement from Congress.

The 2nd Congressional District is contested by Celeste Maloy (R), Kathleen Riebe (D), Cassie Easley (Constitution), Brad Green (L), January Walker (United Utah), Joseph Geddes Buchman (I) and Perry Myers (I).