SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — Utah State Rep. Quinn Kotter (R-District 26) submitted his letter of resignation to Utah House Speaker Brad Wilson (R-District 15), stating he would be stepping down from his elected position on Saturday, Sept. 9.

In his letter, Kotter said life circumstances affected his ability to put his full attention and energy into the House of Representatives.

“The stress has begun to severely affect my health and work,” said Kotter. “I do not feel it fair to the constituents of this district or to the State to serve in a hindered manner since prior to this I have dedicated all my capabilities to serve, and the people deserve such commitment.”

Kotter resigns after a short eight-month stint in office. During the 2022 General Election, Kotter defeated Democrat incumbent Elizabeth Weight by a slim margin, according to Ballotpedia. District 26 had been subject to redistricting between 2022 and 2023. The old map stretched from portions of downtown Salt Lake City into the west side. Since the redistricting, District 26 now covers much of western West Valley City and parts of Magna.

Kotter said he had gone to Capitol Hill with the “pure intent” of supporting, obeying, and defending the Constitutions of the United States and of Utah, which he said he worked his hardest to do.

Kotter served on five committees during his time in office, including the House Health and Human Services Committee and the House Public Utilities, Energy and Technology Committee. He also sponsored two bills in the 2023 General Session and cosponsored 14 others.

“I believe that I can best serve my country and state in other capacities outside the legislature. It has been an honor to swear an oath to uphold the Constitution, and I pray that it be defended,” said Kotter.

Speaker Wilson took to social media, saying he appreciated Rep. Kotter’s service to both his constituents and to the State of Utah.

“His sacrifice has not gone unnoticed,” said Wilson. “Life circumstances have affected his ability to devote his full attention to this position, and I wish him the best as he serves our country and state in other capacities.”

Kotter said he will remain in office until his resignation date unless the Salt Lake County Republican Party delegates of District 26 hold an election and select a replacement before then.