UTAH (ABC4) – Representatives of the John Curtis for Congress team have announced that Curtis will not be participating in the Third Congressional District debate against GOP candidate Chris Herrod following the Utah GOP Convention.  

In a Tweet issued by the John Curtis’ team, representatives stated, “A month has passed since the Utah GOP Convention and the Utah Debate Commission has not set a debate date that works for Congressman Curtis.” 

The organization expressed its frustration in an official statement, saying, “Unilaterally setting a date without regard for candidate availability is preventing the commission from fueling its mission…We have therefore decided to work with other entities who are willing to accommodate the Congressman’s schedule.” 

Curtis’ representatives said they initially reached out to the Debate Commission to set a date for the debate on April 25. Three days later on April 28, without any acknowledgment of the unilateral date that was set, the Debate Commission announced their plans to hold the Third Congressional District debate on June 1. 

“This date conflicts with the Congressman’s official duties when he will be helping fulfill Congress’ constitutional role in foreign affairs and will be out of the country on Congressional business during the debate,” noted Curtis’ representatives.

On a phone call with a member of the Debate Commission who pointed out that Curtis’ team was only opting for dates that fell after voters had already received their ballots, Adrielle Herring, Campaign Director for Representative Curtis replied, “That’s because the debate commission waited so long to consider other dates. We could literally be debating right now if the Debate Commission had been willing to consider dates besides June 1.” 

The Debate Commission offered to host a virtual debate, but Representative Herrod declined to participate.