SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) – Utah’s fourth congressional district opponents Republican incumbent Burgess Owens and Democratic challenger Darlene McDonald have agreed to an in-person debate on Friday, Oct. 29 at 5:00 pm.

Details about the debate such as location have not yet but confirmed but reportedly are “to be announced.” According to her twitter account, The United Utah Party candidate, January Walker, was not invited to participate in the debate

The agreement to debate comes after Owens boycotted the fourth congressional debate hosted by the Utah Debate Commission, alleging a bias due to the moderator being affiliated with the Salt Lake Tribune. Owens cited a political cartoon published by the Salt Lake newspaper in 2021 was “racist and bigoted”

Owens and McDonald each posted on Twitter announcing the debate on Friday afternoon.

“Looking forward to debating my Democrat opponent next Friday where we will discuss issues and policies that matter to the constituents of the fourth district,” Owens said.

“Rep. Owens chose not to attend the first debate. On behalf of the constituents of [congressional district four], we will be attending and debating issues that are important to our district and state,” posted McDonald.

Walker also weighed in on Twitter about the debate, responding to McDonald’s post and showing her contempt for not being invited. In the same reply, Walker congratulated McDonald for “getting what she wanted.”

“If roles were reversed and [Rep. Owens] snubbed both of us, I would have insisted he invite you before accepting the invite,” Walker said in her reply. “That’s what integrity looks like [Darlene McDonald.] This is the debate you wanted though. One without me in it. Congrats.”

McDonald and Walker participated in the fourth district congressional debate that was held at the University of Utah on Wednesday, Oct. 12.