UTAH (ABC4) – The Primary Elections in Utah are set for Tuesday, June 28. Many states have hosted their primary elections but it’s Utah’s time now.

Republican voters have the most elections to vote in with Democrats having a lesser amount. Here’s a list of every candidate in every race that Utahns can vote in:


EVAN MCMULLINU.S. SenateUnaffiliatedElection Candidate
BECKY EDWARDSU.S. SenateRepublicanPrimary
JAMES ARTHUR HANSENU.S. SenateLibertarianElection Candidate
LAIRD FETZER HAMBLINU.S. SenateRepublicanOut in Convention
ABRAHAM KORBU.S. SenateUnaffiliatedWrite-In
ALLY ISOMU.S. SenateRepublicanPrimary
MIKE LEEU.S. SenateRepublicanPrimary
KAEL WESTONU.S. SenateDemocraticOut in Convention
TOMMY WILLIAMSU.S. SenateIndependent AmericanElection Candidate
JEREMY FRIEDBAUMU.S. SenateRepublicanOut in Convention
LUCKY BOVOU.S. SenateLibertarianOut in Convention
LOY BRUNSONU.S. SenateRepublicanOut in Convention
EVAN BARLOWU.S. SenateRepublicanOut in Convention
MICHAEL SEGUINU.S. SenateUnaffiliatedWrite-In


U.S. House 1RepublicanPrimary
JULIE FULLMERU.S. House 1RepublicanOut in Convention
TINA CANNONU.S. House 1RepublicanPrimary
WILLIAM CAMPBELLU.S. House 1RepublicanOut in Convention
ANDREW BADGERU.S. House 1RepublicanPrimary
RICK EDWIN JONESU.S. House 1DemocraticElection Candidate


U.S. House 2DemocraticElection Candidate
JAYMAC MCFARLANDU.S. House 2United UtahElection Candidate
CASSIE EASLEYU.S. House 2ConstitutionElection Candidate
STEVE HARTWICKU.S. House 2DemocraticOut in Convention
ERIN RIDERU.S. House 2RepublicanPrimary
CHRIS STEWARTU.S. House 2RepublicanPrimary


U.S. House 3RepublicanOut in Convention
AARON HEINEMANU.S. House 3Independent AmericanElection Candidate
ARCHIE A. WILLIAMS IIIU.S. House 3DemocraticOut in Convention
LYMAN WIGHTU.S. House 3RepublicanOut in Convention
GLENN J. WRIGHTU.S. House 3DemocraticElection Candidate
DANIEL CLYDE CUMMINGSU.S. House 3ConstitutionElection Candidate
JOHN CURTISU.S. House 3RepublicanPrimary
TIM AALDERSU.S. House 3RepublicanOut in Convention
MICHAEL STODDARDU.S. House 3LibertarianElection Candidate


U.S. House 4DemocraticElection Candidate
BURGESS OWENSU.S. House 4RepublicanPrimary
JAKE HUNSAKERU.S. House 4RepublicanPrimary
JANUARY WALKERU.S. House 4United UtahElection Candidate


MARLO M. OAKSState TreasurerRepublicanElection Candidate
THOMAS ALAN HORNEState TreasurerUnited UtahElection Candidate
WARREN T ROGERSState TreasurerIndependent AmericanElection Candidate
JOSEPH GEDDES BUCHMANState TreasurerLibertarianElection Candidate


CAMILLE KNUDSONState Senate 1 (Multi-County)RepublicanOut in Convention
SCOTT SANDALLState Senate 1 (Multi-County)RepublicanElection Candidate
ANN MILLNERState Senate 5 (Multi-County)RepublicanPrimary
MICHAEL BLODGETTState Senate 5 (Multi-County)DemocraticElection Candidate
DOUG DURBANOState Senate 5 (Multi-County)RepublicanPrimary
KEVIN HALLState Senate 5 (Multi-County)RepublicanOut in Convention
BETTY YOUNGState Senate 6RepublicanPrimary
DAVID ELLISON ADAMS IIIState Senate 6RepublicanOut in Convention
JERRY W. STEVENSONState Senate 6RepublicanPrimary
KIMBERLY WAGNERState Senate 7 (Multi-County)United UtahElection Candidate
ADAM DENNIS FELLERState Senate 7 (Multi-County)LibertarianElection Candidate
STUART ADAMSState Senate 7 (Multi-County)RepublicanElection Candidate
JEN PLUMBState Senate 9DemocraticPrimary
VANCE HANSENState Senate 9nullWrite-In
DEREK KITCHENState Senate 9DemocraticPrimary
BRAD PRATTState Senate 11 (Multi-County)RepublicanOut in Convention
ANGIE MARTINState Senate 11 (Multi-County)RepublicanOut in Convention
DANIEL W. THATCHERState Senate 11 (Multi-County)RepublicanElection Candidate
HEATHER GARCIAState Senate 11 (Multi-County)RepublicanOut in Convention
LINDA L. PAULSONState Senate 12RepublicanElection Candidate
KAREN MAYNEState Senate 12DemocraticElection Candidate
SPENCER NITZState Senate 13RepublicanOut in Convention
GENE DAVISState Senate 13DemocraticPrimary
NATE BLOUINState Senate 13DemocraticPrimary
ROGER L. STOUTState Senate 13RepublicanElection Candidate
STEPHANIE PITCHERState Senate 14DemocraticPrimary
CHUCK PRUITTState Senate 14DemocraticOut in Convention
LISA D. YODERState Senate 14DemocraticOut in Convention
DENNIS ROACHState Senate 14United UtahElection Candidate
DEONDRA BROWNState Senate 14DemocraticPrimary
DAN SORENSENState Senate 14RepublicanElection Candidate
JED C. NORDFELTState Senate 18 (Multi-County)United UtahElection Candidate
DANIEL MCCAYState Senate 18 (Multi-County)RepublicanElection Candidate
CATHERINE VOUTAZState Senate 18 (Multi-County)DemocraticElection Candidate
TYLER L. PETERSONState Senate 19 (Multi-County)United UtahElection Candidate
KIRK CULLIMOREState Senate 19 (Multi-County)RepublicanElection Candidate
BEVERLY B. ASTINState Senate 19 (Multi-County)RepublicanOut in Convention
PARKER BONDState Senate 19 (Multi-County)DemocraticElection Candidate
VAUGHN ERIC HOKANSONState Senate 20 (Multi-County)RepublicanNot Selected
RONALD M. WINTERTONState Senate 20 (Multi-County)RepublicanElection Candidate
JILL M. FELLOWState Senate 20 (Multi-County)DemocraticElection Candidate
MIKE KENNEDYState Senate 21RepublicanElection Candidate
KEITH GROVERState Senate 23RepublicanPrimary
BRANDON BECKHAMState Senate 23RepublicanPrimary
PATRICK L. LARSONState Senate 28 (Multi-County)RepublicanPrimary
EVAN J. VICKERSState Senate 28 (Multi-County)RepublicanPrimary
PATRICIA A. BRADFORDState Senate 28 (Multi-County)United UtahElection Candidate
BARRY EVAN SHORTState Senate 28 (Multi-County)LibertarianElection Candidate
RUSSELL SIASState Senate 28 (Multi-County)RepublicanOut in Convention


JOSHUA HARDYState House 1 (Multi-County)DemocraticElection Candidate
JOEL FERRYState House 1 (Multi-County)RepublicanElection Candidate
MIKE PETERSENState House 2RepublicanPrimary
VAL K. POTTERState House 2RepublicanPrimary
HOLLY GUNTHERState House 2DemocraticElection Candidate
PATRICK BELMONTState House 3DemocraticElection Candidate
DAN JOHNSONState House 3RepublicanElection Candidate
RAELENE BLOCKERState House 4 (Multi-County)RepublicanPrimary
LOGAN WILDEState House 4 (Multi-County)RepublicanOut in Convention
KRIS CAMPBELLState House 4 (Multi-County)DemocraticElection Candidate
KERA BIRKELANDState House 4 (Multi-County)RepublicanPrimary
CASEY SNIDERState House 5RepublicanElection Candidate
MATTHEW H. GWYNNState House 6 (Multi-County)RepublicanElection Candidate
RYAN D. WILCOXState House 7RepublicanElection Candidate
MONICA HALLState House 8 (Multi-County)DemocraticElection Candidate
JASON B. KYLEState House 8 (Multi-County)RepublicanPrimary
STEVE WALDRIPState House 8 (Multi-County)RepublicanWithdrew
KIMBERLY COZZENSState House 8 (Multi-County)RepublicanPrimary
JACOB K. JOHNSONState House 9LibertarianElection Candidate
CAL MUSSELMANState House 9RepublicanElection Candidate
“ONE” NEIL HANSENState House 9DemocraticElection Candidate
JILL KOFORDState House 10RepublicanPrimary
LORRAINE P. BROWNState House 10RepublicanPrimary
ROSEMARY LESSERState House 10DemocraticElection Candidate
KELLY MILESState House 11 (Multi-County)RepublicanPrimary
KATY HALLState House 11 (Multi-County)RepublicanPrimary
MIKE SCHULTZState House 12 (Multi-County)RepublicanElection Candidate
KAREN M. PETERSONState House 13RepublicanElection Candidate
TAB LYN UNOState House 13DemocraticElection Candidate
KARA B. TOONEState House 14RepublicanOut in Convention
KARIANNE LISONBEEState House 14RepublicanElection Candidate
NATHAN K AFFLECKState House 14RepublicanOut in Convention
JASON HACKETTState House 15RepublicanOut in Convention
BRAD WILSONState House 15RepublicanElection Candidate
AMMON GRUWELLState House 15United UtahElection Candidate
JEFFREY M YOUNGState House 15RepublicanWithdrew
STEVE HANDYState House 16RepublicanOut in Convention
TREVOR A LEEState House 16RepublicanElection Candidate
BRENT ZIMMERMANState House 16LibertarianElection Candidate
STEWART E. BARLOWState House 17RepublicanElection Candidate
ALENA ERICKSENState House 18RepublicanPrimary
EMILIE DALYState House 18RepublicanOut in Convention
PAUL A CUTLERState House 18RepublicanPrimary
DAVID SCOTT STRINGFELLOWState House 18RepublicanOut in Convention
RAYMOND P WARDState House 19RepublicanPrimary
LYLE B MASONState House 19RepublicanPrimary
RONALD MORTENSENState House 20RepublicanPrimary
MELISSA GARFF BALLARDState House 20RepublicanPrimary
PHIL GRAVESState House 20DemocraticElection Candidate
DANIEL RHEAD COTTAMState House 20LibertarianElection Candidate
SANDRA HOLLINSState House 21DemocraticElection Candidate
DAVID C ATKINState House 21RepublicanElection Candidate
JEN DAILEY-PROVOSTState House 22DemocraticElection Candidate
RYAN JACKSONState House 22RepublicanDisqualified
CABOT WM. NELSONState House 23 (Multi-County)United UtahElection Candidate
BRIAN S. KINGState House 23 (Multi-County)DemocraticElection Candidate
RUTH ANN ABBOTTState House 23 (Multi-County)RepublicanElection Candidate
NIEL NICKOLAISENState House 24RepublicanWithdrew
JOEL K. BRISCOEState House 24DemocraticElection Candidate
REBECCA I IPSONState House 25RepublicanElection Candidate
ANGELA ROMEROState House 25DemocraticElection Candidate
LEVI YOUNGState House 26RepublicanOut in Convention
QUINN KOTTERState House 26RepublicanElection Candidate
ELIZABETH WEIGHTState House 26DemocraticElection Candidate
ANTHONY E. LOUBETState House 27RepublicanElection Candidate
CLARE COLLARDState House 27DemocraticElection Candidate
DOUGLAS SAGERSState House 28RepublicanOut in Convention
TIM JIMENEZState House 28RepublicanElection Candidate
KIRK PEARSONState House 29 (Multi-County)United UtahElection Candidate
BRIDGER BOLINDERState House 29 (Multi-County)RepublicanPrimary
CHRIS DYERState House 29 (Multi-County)DemocraticElection Candidate
MARK A. HUNTSMANState House 29 (Multi-County)RepublicanPrimary
FRED C JOHNSONState House 29 (Multi-County)RepublicanOut in Convention
JANA ROUNDY NORDFELTState House 30DemocraticOut in Convention
FATIMA DIRIEState House 30DemocraticElection Candidate
JUSTIN “TURK” TURCSANSKIState House 30RepublicanOut in Convention
SOPHIA HAWES-TINGEYState House 30DemocraticOut in Convention
EVAN RODGERSState House 30United UtahElection Candidate
JUDY WEEKS ROHNERState House 30RepublicanElection Candidate
ANDREW G. NIETOState House 31RepublicanElection Candidate
KAREN KWANState House 31DemocraticElection Candidate
KATIE WARDState House 32DemocraticWithdrew
SAHARA HAYESState House 32DemocraticElection Candidate
BRITTANY KARZENState House 32RepublicanElection Candidate
ADAM BEANState House 32United UtahElection Candidate
ERIC BIGGARTState House 32DemocraticOut in Convention
DOUG OWENSState House 33DemocraticElection Candidate
MARK DEE WHITAKERState House 33UnaffiliatedWrite-In
GERALD BURTState House 33RepublicanElection Candidate
JONATHAN ZACHARY PAZState House 34DemocraticOut in Convention
CAROL SPACKMAN MOSSState House 34DemocraticElection Candidate
JOHN D. MCPHIEState House 34RepublicanElection Candidate
RAYMOND J. POOLEState House 35RepublicanWithdrew
MARK A WHEATLEYState House 35DemocraticElection Candidate
BELINDA JOHNSONState House 35RepublicanElection Candidate
JIM DUNNIGANState House 36RepublicanElection Candidate
LYNETTE WENDELState House 36DemocraticElection Candidate
HENRY MEDINAState House 37RepublicanElection Candidate
ASHLEE A. MATTHEWSState House 37DemocraticElection Candidate
CHERYL ACTONState House 38RepublicanElection Candidate
ZACH JACOBState House 38RepublicanOut in Convention
KEN IVORYState House 39RepublicanElection Candidate
HOPE GOECKERITZState House 39DemocraticElection Candidate
THOMAS E. YOUNGState House 40RepublicanElection Candidate
TIM LOFTISState House 40United UtahElection Candidate
ANDREW STODDARDState House 40DemocraticElection Candidate
STEVE ASTEState House 41RepublicanPrimary
GAY LYNN BENNIONState House 41DemocraticElection Candidate
WAYNE GARY SANDBERGState House 41RepublicanPrimary
CARSON BARLOWState House 42UnaffiliatedElection Candidate
ROBERT SPENDLOVEState House 42RepublicanElection Candidate
DAVID B JACKState House 42United UtahElection Candidate
STEVE ELIASONState House 43RepublicanElection Candidate
ALAN C ANDERSONState House 43DemocraticElection Candidate
JORDAN DANIEL TEUSCHERState House 44RepublicanElection Candidate
DEE GREYState House 44DemocraticElection Candidate
SUSAN PULSIPHERState House 45RepublicanPrimary
RICH CUNNINGHAMState House 45RepublicanPrimary
SCOTT POPPENState House 46DemocraticDisqualified
CAROLYN PHIPPENState House 46RepublicanPrimary
JEFF STENQUISTState House 46RepublicanPrimary
LADD JOHNSONState House 46United UtahElection Candidate
DAVE LUNDGRENState House 47United UtahElection Candidate
MARK A. STRONGState House 47RepublicanElection Candidate
DAVID B. PARKState House 48RepublicanWithdrew
KATIE OLSONState House 48DemocraticElection Candidate
JAY COBBState House 48RepublicanElection Candidate
SYLVIA S ANDERSENState House 48RepublicanOut in Convention
MILES POMEROYState House 49DemocraticElection Candidate
CANDICE B. PIERUCCIState House 49RepublicanElection Candidate
TRACY LAWSState House 49RepublicanOut in Convention
CHRISTIAN RENE LORAINEState House 50RepublicanOut in Convention
DAVID E. LIFFERTHState House 50RepublicanOut in Convention
STEPHANIE GRICIUSState House 50RepublicanElection Candidate
JEFFERSON R. MOSSState House 51RepublicanElection Candidate
JEREMY BAKERState House 51LibertarianElection Candidate
CORY MALOYState House 52RepublicanElection Candidate
JEAN LEONARDState House 52RepublicanDisqualified
W. ANDREW MCCULLOUGHState House 53LibertarianElection Candidate
KAY J. CHRISTOFFERSONState House 53RepublicanElection Candidate
CARL BECHTOLDState House 53DemocraticOut in Convention
ANN SCHRECKState House 53DemocraticElection Candidate
NIKKI RAY PINOState House 54DemocraticElection Candidate
ANDREW W. MATISHENState House 54United UtahElection Candidate
BRADY BRAMMERState House 54RepublicanElection Candidate
JON HAWKINSState House 55RepublicanElection Candidate
VAL L. PETERSONState House 56RepublicanElection Candidate
NELSON ABBOTTState House 57RepublicanElection Candidate
LUCAS RAMIREZState House 58DemocraticElection Candidate
JASON CHRISTENSENState House 58RepublicanOut in Convention
KEVEN J. STRATTONState House 58RepublicanElection Candidate
MEAGHAN MILLERState House 59 (Multi-County)DemocraticElection Candidate
MIKE KOHLERState House 59 (Multi-County)RepublicanElection Candidate
ADAM E. ROBERTSONState House 60RepublicanElection Candidate
MICHAEL ANDERSONState House 61DemocraticElection Candidate
MARSHA JUDKINSState House 61RepublicanElection Candidate
NORM THURSTONState House 62RepublicanElection Candidate
DANIEL CRAIG FRIENDState House 62DemocraticElection Candidate
STEPHEN L. WHYTEState House 63RepublicanElection Candidate
KRISTEN SWENSENState House 64RepublicanWithdrew
ALAN WESSMANState House 64United UtahElection Candidate
JEFFERSON S. BURTONState House 64RepublicanElection Candidate
JAY F. UGARTEState House 65RepublicanOut in Convention
DOUGLAS R. WELTONState House 65RepublicanElection Candidate
RUSS HATCHState House 66 (Multi-County)ConstitutionElection Candidate
STEVEN J. LUNDState House 66 (Multi-County)RepublicanElection Candidate
TOM HANSENState House 67 (Multi-County)RepublicanPrimary
CHRISTINE F. WATKINSState House 67 (Multi-County)RepublicanPrimary
SCOTT H. CHEWState House 68 (Multi-County)RepublicanElection Candidate
PHIL LYMANState House 69 (Multi-County)RepublicanElection Candidate
DAVINA SMITHState House 69 (Multi-County)DemocraticElection Candidate
ZENO B PARRYState House 70 (Multi-County)United UtahElection Candidate
CARL R. ALBRECHTState House 70 (Multi-County)RepublicanElection Candidate
PIPER MANESSEState House 71United UtahElection Candidate
DALLAS JOSEPH GUYMONState House 71DemocraticElection Candidate
REX P SHIPPState House 71RepublicanElection Candidate
JOSEPH ELISONState House 72RepublicanPrimary
ILA M. FICAState House 72DemocraticElection Candidate
WILLIE BILLINGSState House 72RepublicanPrimary
NARRIS COXState House 73RepublicanOut in Convention
NINA R. BARNESState House 73RepublicanPrimary
TRAVIS M. SEEGMILLERState House 73RepublicanWithdrew
COLIN W. JACKState House 73RepublicanPrimary
KRISTY PIKEState House 74RepublicanPrimary
R QUIN DENNINGState House 74RepublicanOut in Convention
KEVIN RAY HADLOCKState House 74RepublicanOut in Convention
R. NEIL WALTERState House 74RepublicanPrimary
DEE C. SADLERState House 74RepublicanOut in Convention
WALT BROOKSState House 75RepublicanElection Candidate


JENNIE EARLState School Board 1 (Multi-County)RepublicanElection Candidate
KRISTIE D. COOLEYState School Board 1 (Multi-County)RepublicanWithdrew
CURTIS BENJAMINState School Board 1 (Multi-County)DemocraticElection Candidate
CRAIG K. PITTSState School Board 2RepublicanWithdrew
JOSEPH KERRYState School Board 2RepublicanElection Candidate
LEWIS E JOHNSONState School Board 2RepublicanOut in Convention
ADI FINSENState School Board 2DemocraticElection Candidate
SCOTT L. HANSENState School Board 2RepublicanOut in Convention
MELANIE MORTENSENState School Board 4 (Multi-County)RepublicanPrimary
LAURA COLLIER BELNAPState School Board 4 (Multi-County)RepublicanWithdrew
BRADY J TRACYState School Board 4 (Multi-County)RepublicanOut in Convention
LEANN WOODState School Board 4 (Multi-County)RepublicanPrimary
DREW CHAMBERLAINState School Board 4 (Multi-County)RepublicanOut in Convention
SAM BRACKENState School Board 4 (Multi-County)RepublicanOut in Convention
BENJAMIN JON SORENSENState School Board 4 (Multi-County)RepublicanWithdrew
SARAH REALEState School Board 5DemocraticElection Candidate
LAUREL FETZERState School Board 5RepublicanElection Candidate
WILLIAM E. FISHERState School Board 5UnaffiliatedElection Candidate
MELANIE R. MONESTEREState School Board 6 (Multi-County)RepublicanElection Candidate
CAROL BARLOW LEARState School Board 6 (Multi-County)DemocraticElection Candidate
JANET A. CANNONState School Board 6 (Multi-County)RepublicanOut in Convention
JOSHUA SINEState School Board 6 (Multi-County)DemocraticOut in Convention
AUDRYN DAMRONState School Board 8DemocraticElection Candidate
STACEY HUTCHINGSState School Board 8RepublicanOut in Convention
CHRISTINA BOGGESSState School Board 8RepublicanElection Candidate
KIM DEL GROSSOState School Board 11 (Multi-County)RepublicanPrimary
CINDY DAVISState School Board 11 (Multi-County)RepublicanPrimary
KIM REID PICKETTState School Board 14 (Multi-County)RepublicanOut in Convention
EMILY GREENState School Board 14 (Multi-County)RepublicanElection Candidate
RICHARD JENSENState School Board 14 (Multi-County)LibertarianElection Candidate