UTAH COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – The Utah County Attorney race has been getting a lot of attention in recent weeks, after the controversy surrounding David Leavitt and Utah County Sheriff Mike Smith.

Leavitt called for an investigation into Smith, claiming Smith made outlandish accusations of Leavitt participating in a ritualistic sex ring and cannibalism.

There are no Democrats running for this position, so the candidate who wins the Republican primary will be the next Utah County Attorney.

As of now, that seems to be Republican challenger Jeff Gray. Gray said running for Utah County Attorney was not in his original plan, but he strongly disagreed with Leavitt’s policies and decided he needed to step in.

Now that he has a major lead in the race, he said this moment is a victory not just for him, but for Utah county.

“I’m going to restore the special victim’s unit like I’ve been saying through my campaign,” said Gray. “We need to focus on crimes against women and children and there hasn’t been that focus and it’s time that there is that focus.”

David Leavitt says this election was hard on him and his family and says in his time as Utah County Attorney, he fought bureaucrats and worked hard to restore the criminal justice system to what he says is the proper checks and balances the system demands.

“I’ve given it everything I’ve had and I’m proud of what we have accomplished,” said Leavitt.