SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Riverton Mayor Trent Staggs is hoping to get a new job representing Utah in the U.S. Senate.

He has officially launched a campaign for the seat currently held by Senator Mitt Romney (R), Utah.

Romney hasn’t said if he’ll seek reelection, but he has taken steps towards it. Staggs says he’s in either way.

“No matter what he decides, we’re in the race and I think we are the only ones who have fully announced,” said Staggs.

He says many experiences have led to this point.

“I’m a lifelong Utahn, I like to say. From elementary school to graduate school, I attended Utah schools. I raised my family here, two children and operated several businesses. I’ve actually taken a company public. We got listed on Nasdaq last year, on the board of directors, and have run my community for the last ten years, six as mayor. With all that local elected experience, I feel like we need to have somebody who’s authentically Utahn, and consistently conservative. That’s what I believe has typified my career. That, and so many people encouraging me to take a look at this, and run for office — it’s why my wife and I have decided to go ahead and serve in this capacity. I’m all about smaller government, safer families, and a stronger economy,” Staggs said.

Staggs joins us this week on Inside Utah Politics to discuss his background, interest in the position, and his top priorities if he were to win the seat.