SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – The state legislature will be in special session this week to address a few items.

Two bills on the agenda include extending the emergency declaration on flooding and funding efforts addressing the record snowfall from this winter.

“I expect to see a really non-controversial special session, and one that ends pretty quickly. We’ll probably meet for an hour or two to get three bills passed — two of them dealing with this emergency response to the flooding,” said Representative Jordan Teuscher (R), South Jordan.

“There was some nearby flooding in my district. I’ve been out sandbagging in Salt Lake City and South Salt Lake a little bit. All those folks have really done a good job of preparing, and we’re going to keep working to make sure we have the best response in place. And so far, I think things have been going well,” added Senator Nate Blouin (D), Salt Lake City.

Teuscher and Blouin join us this week for our Inside Utah Politics Panel discussion. They also weigh in on the situation at the border following the expiration of Title 42.

“I think this transcends partisanship. We’ve seen Title 42 as a Trump policy — Biden extended it. I would have preferred to have seen it reversed months, years ago, not long after Biden took office,” Blouin said.

“We already had a crisis at the border, and so knowing Title 42 is expired now is going to be even more detrimental to the problem that already exists,” said Teuscher.